Bring Sean HomeContinuity Sinn Féin would like to wish a speedy recovery to Republican POW Sean O'Neill (76), who had...

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Sean O'Neill in Ulster HospitalSean O'Neill, from his hospital bed in Ulster Hospital, sends his regards to all...

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Sean O'Neill Political HostageWhile Continuity Sinn Féin acknowledges the recent release on bail of nine of the accused...

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Liam Hannaway Hunger Strike Now In Week 4Liam Hannaway began his Hunger Strike on the 31st of August.As Liam Hannaway...

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The POW Department of Continuity Sinn Féin have been informed that female Republican prisoner, Rose Lynch in Limerick...

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Protest in support of Liam Hannaway on 25th September outside British Embassy  Dublin at 12pm

All Welcome



Hunger Strike Enters 22nd Day

As Liam begins his 22nd day his blood pressure is at 98 and his weight has held at 115Kg  but his breathing  is still laboured. He is  also experiencing dizziness while walking but is determined to continue.

Liam Hannaway On Strike For 20 Days

 Day 20 of Hunger strike at Maghaberry lnternment Camp.
Liam is in good spirits and has contracted a bad chest infection that started yesterday and resulted in Liam having no real sleep and suffering chest pains all last night. His breathing has been severly affected and Liam only managed to drink 250ml of water but otherwise he remains as always determined and strong.
His weight has held at 118kg.
Ketones 4+ blood pressure is slightly down at 108 but still remains shockingly high..He would like to say thank you for all who attended the protest yesterday at British embassy and was given a great boost to hear it went so well.

Continuity Sinn Féin organised another very successful and colourful picket highlighting the plight of Maghaberry...

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 Hunger Strike  Day 19 Blood pressure 108, Urine test 4+ ketones and weight 118Kg. Liam is suffering from a bad chest infection he only managed to drink 250ml of water.


Hunger Strike Continues Day 18 Blood pressure 110, Urine test 4+ ketones and weight 118Kg.


Update on Sean O'Neill
Republican Political Prisoner
Maghaberry Prison

It has recently become known that veteran Republican Prisoner and terminally ill cancer patient, Sean O'Neill, has being granted "bail" if that's what it can be called, by the British courts in Occupied Ireland.

While this decision may initially be welcomed by all concerned for the welfare of this highly respected veteran Republican, it must be noted that Sean has only received bail to Ulster Hospital in the Six Counties and not bail to his home address in his native City of Limerick as he had personally requested.

This is totally unacceptable as Sean, who is the oldest Republican Prisoner in Maghaberry at 76 years of age, is most certainly not a flight risk and does not pose a threat to any one in any way, also we believe Sean's final days would be better served if he were surrounded by his family and loved ones rather than cared for by strangers. We all have family members or loved ones who have been affected by cancer at some time, and understand that they must be taken care of with the dignity and respect they deserve.

We see this as but another vindictive move on the part of the British administration and we urge them to allow Sean O'Neill to be bailed to his home address in Limerick City so he can be among his family and loved ones to live out his final days.

It also must be mentioned that Sean O' Neill has not being convicted of any offence and is but another victim of the British policy of 'Internment By Remand'.
He and his comrades have been held on remand in Maghaberry Prison by MI5 for the past 12 months without a shred of evidence being produced to date by the prosecution.

Is this the so-called "accountable police service" that nationalist parties in Stormont signed up to?

Is this the so called "manners" that was promised to be put on them?

We in Continuity Sinn Fein demand Sean is released to his family and friends so he can die with the dignity and respect he deserves.

Continuity Sinn Féin
POW Department

Statement Ends

Hunger Strike Continues Day 17 Blood pressure 110, Urine test 4+ ketones and weight 118, nausea has returned today but Liam is in good spirits.

Hunger Strike Enters 15th Day 

At 8am on August 31st 2015 veteran republican Liam Hannaway took the brave decision to go on hunger strike. Liam who is in his forties was one of the men arrested during a raid on a house at Ardcarne park in Newry in November 2014. His condition is deteriorating as the hunger strike now in its 15th day continues, To date he has not been seen by a doctor and has only been checked by a nurse while on hunger strike he should be seen weekly by a doctor. He has lost 21 lbs and a urine test is showing 4+ Ketones, his vomiting has stopped and he is very shaky but is in good spirits. The decision to go on hunger strike is not one that has been made lightly and he is determined to see it through to its awful conclusion if his demands are not met. Liam had asked to wait until after 14 days before releasing any information in order to give prison authorities time to work on each demand.

Some of the factors that brought Liam to strike:

• They are housed on a landing with with UDA, UFF and other common drug dealers instead of with other republicans

.• Access to medical machinery, Liam is still waiting on his CPAP machine

.• Medication being withheld not just from Liam but from almost all republican prisoners at one time or another.

• Doctors appointments, only available once every 2 weeks are now being removed, which can lead to 2 months going by before they get to see a doctor.

• Outgoing and incoming mail going missing.

Maghaberry prison is known for its brutal treatment of republican prisoners. Mi5 effectively run the gaol and use tactics such as isolation, forced strip searches withholding mail etc to demoralize republican prisoners. We should not forget that Liam and his comrades have not been convicted of a crime and are being held on remand. The treatment of republican Sean O` Neill from Limerick who is suffering from terminal cancer is a perfect example of this. In 2010 Liam went on hunger strike to protest being held on the vulnerable prisoners unit in Maghaberry lasting 42 days. During the 1981 hunger strike Martin Hurson died after 46 days, considering Liam`s current medical condition there is a very real possibility of another death at the hands of the British establishment.


Statement Ends...



 POW picket at British Embassy

On Saturday the 12th of September Continuity Sinn Féin held a successful POW picket outside the British Embassy on Merrion Road, Ballsbridge, Dublin. The picket was organised to highlight and protest against the British mal-treatment of Republican prisoners in Maghaberry prison. Continuity Sinn Féin members held placards with messages reading Free The Newry 10, Free The POW's and Free Sean O'Neill. CSF members also had a banner with the message 'End Internment By Remand'. There were a number of uniformed Gardaí with at least 8 plain clothes special branch, who as usual took names and details of all those present and pathetically tried to engage in conversation with those present, much to no avail.
After a number of Republican speeches were made outside the gates, two letters of protest were then handed in to the British Embassy by Continuity Sinn Féin, the first in relation to 76 year old veteran Maghaberry Republican prisoner Sean O'Neill who, after being told he has terminal cancer, is still being refused bail to return to his home address in Limerick City so he can be among his family and loved ones to live out his final days. The second letter of protest was in relation to Maghaberry Republican prisoner Liam Hannaway from Belfast who has undertaken a hungerstrike within Maghaberry prison to improve the living conditions for himself and his comrades. This is the ultimate weapon of Republican struggle and our comrade has the full support of the leadership of Continuity Sinn Féin. Thanks to all the support that was received from passing motorists who made plenty of noise in showing their solidarity with the POW's.
We in Continuity Sinn Féin shall continue to highlight the mal-treatment of Republican prisoners in Maghaberry prison.
Later that night there was a Republican function also held in Pimlico, Dublin, in aid of Republican prisoners.

Statement Ends

 Inhumane treatment of terminally ill Republican prisoner.

The POW Department of Continuity Sinn Féin have regretfully been informed that veteran Republican prisoner Sean O'Neill aged 76 from Limerick, has been made aware he has terminal cancer.
Sean was arrested with a number of others in what became a high profile raid on a house in Ardcairn Park in Newry late last year by the PSNI's heavily armed Special Operations Unit, acting on behalf of the British security service MI5, targeting alleged members of the Continuity IRA.
While on remand in Maghaberry prison, Sean was unfortunately told he had cancer of the bowel.
He was brought on numerous occasions to Belfast City Hospital where he received radiotherapy and chemotherapy treatment, he was also forced to endure over 80 degrading and humiliating strip-searches and was at all times handcuffed to prison screws when  leaving and again returning to Maghaberry prison.
In recent weeks, Sean was again brought to hospital under heavy armed guard to undertake another serious medical procedure to remove three quarters of his bowel with the hope that this latest operation would be a success.
Unfortunately for Sean the operation  has not been successful and Sean has now been told he is terminally ill.
For anyone to receive this news it would be traumatic, but for Sean it can only be described as utterly shattering as he has repeatedly been denied bail by the British courts in occupied Ireland to be with his family and loved ones at this most difficult time in his life.
It has also just come to light that he has been told by the Maghaberry prison administration that he will not be allowed to return to his comrades in Maghaberry, but instead will be placed in a nursing home or else kept in an outside hospital.
This can only cause Sean further distress as his wishes are to either be released on bail to his home address in Limerick, or, failing that, to remain among his Republican comrades in Maghaberry prison.
This further highlights the absolute utter contempt the Maghaberry prison administration, MI5 and all those who prop up British rule in Ireland have against Republican prisoners in Maghaberry prison.
We in Continuity Sinn Féin once again call for the immediate release on bail of Sean O'Neill on humanitarian grounds so that he can be with his family, as to continue to hold him in this deplorable condition any longer is both degrading and inhumane.
Our sincere thoughts are with our comrade Sean and his family.

POW Department
Continuity Sinn Féin

 Medical neglect of Republican prisoner in Maghaberry.

It has been brought to the attention of Continuity Sinn Feins POW department that Republican POW Liam Hannaway has still not received access to a continuous positive airway pressure, or CPAP machine promised by his outside consultant and the Maghaberry administration.Liam suffers from sleep apnea which means as part of the serious condition the muscles repeatedly collapse in the throat and upper airways while the sufferer is sleeping leading to a decrease in the amount of oxygen in the blood. This in turn leads to broken sleep and numerous other side effects including hypertension and heart attack.Liam also suffers with high blood pressure and has done for a number of years which makes the condition more significant.Liam attended an outside specialist and was told the cpap machine would be in Maghaberry by May at the latest.Liam has also been denied medication for the 4th time this month which is totally unacceptable.We are now calling for this machine to be supplied as failure to do so would be placing the prisoners life and health in danger. Statement Ends 22/08/15

 It is with great concern that the Pow department of Csf has been made aware of the ongoing degrading and inhuman treatment of our comrade Sean O' Neill from Limerick.Sean was diagnosed while on remand with bowel cancer before Christmas. Having already suffering over 30 strip searches while coming and going from his 3 times weekly chemo and radiotherapy sessions; and already suffering the indignation of being handcuffed to a bed while having a camera inserted in full view of the RUC minders, Sean is now undergoing an operation to remove his bowel. Yet again Sean will be handcuffed while this serious operation is taking place under armed guard by the RUC.every time Sean leaves Maghaberry, he is handcuffed to a screw and when not handcuffed to a screw is handcuffed to the hospital bed.This operation is particularly hard on an any person never mind a man of Sean's age.Sean's condition is that bad that when coming back from his hospital appointments he is not able to stand and because of this his comrades have had to demand his daily food is changed as Sean is not fit to eat regulation prison food. Aged 76 Sean is held on remand in a sectarian jail under the word of faceless spy's namely MI5. Sean is locked up in a cell with a fellow republican 23 hours a day with limited access to classes and exercise. This is proof that despite the promises of Sinn Fein that MI5 would not control policing they are in fact now very much in charge of it. We in Csf are calling for Sean's immediate release on humanitarian grounds as to continue to hold Sean in these conditions is inhuman considering his serious illness.We are calling for support for Sean from the wider republican movement and are determined to highlight our comrades plight in the coming days and is also noted that Sean and his comrades have been kept on the committal wing since their arrest.


My name is Sean O'Neill, Republican POW Maghaberry prison.
I have to go to city cancer hospital in Belfast every day for six weeks for treatment. The treatment that I receive is radiotherapy and chemotherapy. When I go to the hospital I am strip searched before leaving Maghaberry prison. When I get back to the prison after leaving the hospital I am strip searched again before I am put back in my cell. After the treatment I will have to go back again to the hospital after three months for all the radiation to clear from my body, then the consultants will let me know what they are going to do. The radiation in my body makes my body very low as you have no resistance, you can pick up anything.
Most days I am very sick. All I want to do is stay in bed.
I went for bail but I was refused by the judge.
All they could do was bring trumped up charges against me which were not true. At the end of the bail application the judge said I would be a flight risk.
Drug dealers and even an ex British soldier who has recently been charged with murder of a person shot dead was granted bail on the same day. If you are a leading loyalist you will get bail. Even if charged with attempted murder you will get bail. But if you are a Republican you will not get bail!
I have been refused bail.
I am going to appeal this in the High Court.
When I was in the hospital I was handcuffed until I went on the radiotherapy machine, and when I came off the machine I was handcuffed again.

Sean O'Neill POW
Maghaberry prison




Happy birthday to Rose Lynch POW from fellow POW`s I.R.P.D.F and C.S.F 

Serious concerns over veteran Republican Pows health.

It is with great concern that we have learned of the serious deterioration of Maghaberry prisoner and veteran Republican Sean O Neill (75).   Sean from Limerick was a founding member of the Official Republican Movement and later was a founding member of the IRSP and the Republican Socialist Movement with his close friend and comrade Seamus Costello.
We have received word that Sean who has cancer of the bowel has collapsed today within the walls of Maghaberry gaol Co Antrim. Sean had been receiving radiotherapy treatment in an outside hospital where he is handcuffed to the bed and strip searched both going to and coming from his treatment; this takes place 5 times a week despite his need of a walking stick and his age of 75 and in obvious bad health. This amounts to a minimum of 10 brutal and degrading strip searches a week on top of the random searches.  On arriving back from his hospital appointment yesterday and after another forced strip search Sean's cellmate noticed he was looking unwell and when inquiring information off a screw was told Sean had a "wee accident". When asked what happened Sean stated he was handcuffed to the chair in the prison van and was not secured properly leading to Sean slipping off the chair and banging his head which has now caused what we presume to be concussion.the following morning sean was found unresponsive and his cell mate was moved from their cell at 8 o clock and sean was left on his own till the medics arrived at 845.

This amounts to criminal negligence on the part of the prison service and adds to the long list of POW complaints against them. Indeed only a few weeks ago there were numerous assaults on POWs in Roe House. Sean would not let his serious illness be publicised as he didn't see it as an issue that should be highlighted, which in itself shows his determination and loyalty to his fellow prisoners. Sean has found himself in a British gaol as the result of an MI5 led operation targeting a house in Newry Co Down on Nov 10th. He was arrested with a number of others and is now held on remand in Maghaberry Co Antrim. We are now calling for Sean to be released on compassionate grounds so he can receive the much needed specialist treatment he needs. This again highlights the lack of health care provisions for seriously ill prisoners and the brutality of the Maghaberry and Hydebank regimes. We will be contacting all the relevant bodies with a view to highlighting this serious situation. We would again state that Sean did not want this to be made public as he felt it would draw away from the wider republican struggle ongoing in the gaol and as such shows the character of this man. We again call for the immediate release of Sean so he can receive what essentially is life saving treatment.

Free Sean O Neill Now.....signed pow department

Bundoran 2015

On sat 14th of march republicans from all over Ireland descended on the emerald bar for a pow function which included a tribute to recently released P.O.W`s from Maghaberry Dessie Hamill and Austin Creggan East Tyrone.what was promised to be a great night didn't disappoint and all attending commented on the support and good will of not only the hosts the emerald bar Bundoran but all those attending.Dessie and Audi as he is known to his friends were arrested on a funds appropriation operation in Dungannon and as a result served 3 years in Maghaberry gaol Co Antrim.the organisers were delighted to see so many who traveled including veteran republicans from Co Clare the kennellys and also the partners of current P.O.W`s including those on remand in Maghaberry as a result of an mi5 led operation .These men have become known as the Newry 10.speeches on the night were given by a friend of the 2 P.O.W`s and also a few words were said by a member of the families.a very successful raffle was held on the night and we would like to thank all those who donated prizes on the night with a particular mention to a girl who wrote a poem which was framed especially for the night.all in all a very successful night was had and it has been decided by the pow committee to make it an annual event.Thanks again to all who traveled long distances and victory to the P.O.W`s.

 I.R.P.D.F would like to thank everyone for their continued support all our draws have be consistently sold out, your support makes a massive difference. We would also ask anyone who would be willing to sell tickets to contact us at or speak to your local C.S.F representative

Continuity Sinn Fein would like to congratulate the republican people who came out in force onto the streets to show solidarity with our comrades in Maghaberry gaol who were being brutalised by the unreformed loyalist bigoted screws. It was heart warming to see the amount of people who attended and from reports coming from the gaol the affect on the P.O.W`s in all parts of the gaol was a much needed boost to morale,hopefully the solidarity shown and the links formed will continue and the momentum will be built on,we in C.S.F will be organising a number of solidarity events centred round the themes of ending controlled movement, forced strip searching and interment by remand. 

All prison visits have been stopped at Maghaberry which is in a state of complete lockdown.
British media have once again manipulated the news claiming yesterday  that all ended without incident.While Martin Kelly lay battered and bleeding in a cold British cell in Maghaberry concentration camp.And had to be taken to an outside hospital with broken arm laceratons to his face and neck needing stitches.And today in another aim to break the morale of family and loved ones the prison administration have said they are dealing with a security alert outside the perimeter of Maghaberry stopping visits and trying to criminalize supporters, last night`s protest  saw more than 400 taking up the call from I.R.P.W.A to show support for the ongoing situation We once again DEMAND they treat all republican political prisoners with the respect and dignity as quite clearly with the bird cage structures they are putting in place their aim is to debase and dis-empower republican political prisoners along with draconian and repressive measures.

Continuity Sinn Fėin statement in relation to attacks on POWs in Maghaberry

"The facts regarding Maghaberry lockdown on the 2nd Febuary; while Republican Political prisoners were going about their morning routine prisoners reps began to receive phone calls from Maghaberry in relation to how the riot squad had descended onto Roe and had begun horrifically and brutally beating Irish republican political prisoners. Further updates described how some of the prisoners had broken limbs and major cuts and bruising, after a call by the POWs hundreds answered their calls and a protest at Maghaberry Gaol commenced with supporters of prisoners family members and numerous POW support groups. The assembled crowd heard that the loyalist prison riot squad had beaten an Irish republican and left him with broken arm also lacerations from the heel of their boots were they danced on his head which led to him needing 5 to 6 stitches.

"Resulting that, Maghaberry jail is in total lock down after British administrators claim there was a suspect device in the vicinity of the gaol Also all Irish republican political prisoners are now on rule 7 no visits No legal visits & No telephone calls.
"Continuity Sinn Fèin have 10 Irish republican political prisoners in a committal wing who are forcibly being detained there as last 12 weeks - 1.Joseph Lynch. 2.Patrick Blair. 3.Liam Hannaway. 4.John Sheehy. 5.Sean O Neil. 6.Seamus Morgan. 7.Colin Winters. 8.Kevin Heaney. 9.Joseph Pearse 10.Terrance Marks who are awaiting to be moved over to Roe house as per Maghaberry gaols own rules and regulations over health and safety. These men are being denied access to education, denied access to the gym, denied access to religious services; and locked down mostly 23 hours a day. Roe 1.2.3&4 are all part of republican segregation units and at the moment criminals are housed on Roe 1 and 2. Republicans need no reminding of how tensions are raised during the marching season and coupled with an already volatile situation tensions can boil over leaving our prisoners vulnerable to attack by loyalists riot squads and a overtly sectarian regime. Make no mistake this is an attempt by the British administration to dis-empower our prisoners and break the morale of family and friends.On February 3rd Joe Lynch, Collie Winters and Joe Pearse all had family visits with some of them travelling over 300 miles to make the journey yet the British administration never phoned any family members to advise them there would be no visits. Liam Hannaway had a legal visit as all 10 men are due to appear at court via video link but again was denied access to representation. Regardless of your affiliation please get behind all our political prisoners. Let us not forget that republican Liam Mulhern died on November in suspicious circumstances. Dying on a cold concrete floor alone despite his history of underlying health issues and the attempt about 30 minutes later to revive him is seen for what it was; neglect followed by a cover up. The Red Cross has condemned the medical treatment Liam received over the numerous years he spent in Maghaberry".

Please write to the address below and demand answers to the current situation, don’t wait until we have another death.
Governors of Maghaberry Jail: Malcolm Swarbrick Alan Longwell Colin Ward Thomas Ferguson David Savagand and notorious security governor Brian Armour- Maghaberry Prison, 17 Old Road, Lisburn, County Antrim BT28 2PT
Finlay Spratt Prison Officers Association. Northern Ireland



 We the ten continuity Sinn Fein irish republican political prisoners.Who are now in our 3rd month of forcibly being held in Bann house on the 3s and 4s committal wings of Maghaberry prison camp.
Within the 3 months we have requested to be moved to roe house every week twice a week.none of the prison management have spoke to us or given us an answer.
We have informed the prison management we are Irish republican prisoners and are entitled to our rights under the steel review 2003 to be housed in republican accommodation that is provided within Maghaberry  prison camp which is roe house.
The jail booklet for roe house ( revised compact information booklet-may 2006) states section 3 paragraph 3.1"in accepting the steel recommendations the government committed to providing separate accommodation for paramilitary prisoners on the grounds of safety wished to be held apart from prisoners belonging to other paramilitary groups and from prisoners and from prisoners who belonged to no such groups that separate accommodation has been provided at Maghaberry prison within bush house for loyalist prisoners and roe for republican prisoners"
We the ten continuity Sinn Fein Irish republican prisoners DEMAND the prison management to move us and any other Irish republican prisoner they are forcibly holding within Maghaberry  prison camp in isolation to roe house.
The republican accommodation that was set up by the British government and prison management because of the steel review 2003.we Demand they clear roe 1 and roe 2 of prisoners who should not be there and house Irish republican prisoners in the accommodation as there own rules state .
We DEMAND the prison management and British government stop breaking there own rules and house republican prisoners in roe 1,2,3,4 not 3,4 as this is just done to hide the numbers of republican prisoners and put them at risk from loyalist attacks.
We would like to thank our republican brothers on roe 4 for there well thought out statement
Unbowed unbroken unrepentant
Continuity Sinn Fein prisoners Maghaberry

Joseph Lynch
Sean o Neil
Liam Hannaway
Patrick Blair
Kevin Heaney
John Sheehy
Colin winters
Joseph Pearce
Seamus Morgan
Terence Marxs


Rose Lynch


Diarmuid Gannon

welcome Home.

Republicans in East Tyrone would like to take this opportunity to welcome back two of their own Austin Creggan and Dessie Hamill, the two life long republicans were recently released after a 5 year sentence in Maghaberry concentration camp both men spent their entire time in the isolation and spent 23 hours a day under lock up.Currently 10 other remand prisoners are housed in Bann House and are demanding there own wing also 3 other republicans are housed in the c.s.u. ,this is a matter of deep concern to all republicans and should be addressed as soon as possible.

Statement issued by Continuity Sinn Féin political prisoners Maghaberry prison

The Continuity Sinn Féin political prisoners in Maghaberry prison welcome the positive  statement of support for other Irish Republican political prisoners issued by the Irish Republican political prisoners currently being held on Roe 4 of Maghaberry prison in support of Irish Republicans political prisoners, who, to date have been denied separation from the main prison population. All Irish Republican political prisoners are entitled to separation from Loyalists and criminals, according to the Steele report on the 8th September 2003. The legal representatives of the Continuity Sinn Féin political prisoners are in the process of taking a judicial review against the prison authorities and the British Secretary of State to open Roe 1 or Roe 2 for us and other Irish Republican political prisoners who are being held in the isolation unit (CSU). The Continuity Sinn Féin political prisoners are currently being held on 23 hour lock up.


The Irish Republican Prisoners Dependants Fund was founded to assist with the needs of Republican P.O.W`s and their families.  We hold a monthly draw with prizes of cash and P.O.W crafts, details of the prizes and the venue of the draw will be posted here along with the draw results.